Open cellar lanes tell a (hi)story

The cross-border project “Open cellar lanes tell a (hi)story” was implemented by the two partners – Weinviertel Tourismus and the Tourist Authority South Moravia – within the scope of the 2007-2013 European territorial cooperation programme for Austria and the Czech Republic financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In the four “project cellar lanes” in the Weinviertel, there is one “cellar lane satellite” for every cellar lane in the form of an exhibited wine barrel that serves as an info point, providing details on the project and the particular cellar lane including what it has to offer. Using QR-code or link information, you can also connect locally with app-enabled mobile phone or tablet to the Internet and the cellar-lane-homepage to get more information, or more offers about cellar lanes by using an augmented-reality-app. The satellites are, so to speak, local outposts that “orbit” around a specific centre and make up a network of information.

The centre is the Radyweg in Poysdorf – a sunken cellar lane which starts behind the Vinoversum WINE & GRAPE World. There, in six “show cellars”, you can view various exhibitions on a variety of topics. The show cellars and show “press houses” can be visited as part of a guided tour of the cellar lanes in Poysdorf. Further information: tel. +43 2552 20371, fax +43 2552 20371 71, e-mail or go to Gästeinformation & Weinmarkt, Brünner Straße 28, A-2170 Poysdorf.

The project cellar lanes in the Weinviertel

… visit some of the cellar lanes and show cellars also virtual: Panos TOUR or

In South Moravia, cellar lanes typical for the region are showcased in four important wine-growing areas, namely Znojmo, Mikulov, Velké Pavlovice and Slovácko. In one cellar of each area, a temporary exhibition is on display about a local topic.

Project cellar lanes in South Moravia

Besides this, more insight is supplied about the Moravian capital, Brno, as the “city of wine” and the “gateway to the wine region”, while regional delicacies and specialities are also illuminated.

Link to partner website:

Offizielles Tourismusportal

Weinviertel Tourismus GmbH.

Kolpingstraße 7, A-2170 Poysdorf

Tel. +43 (2552) 3515



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