Streets lined with wine cellars in the Weinviertel

In Lower Austria, there are almost 1,100 so-called “Kellergassen” – streets lined with wine cellars, most of which are in the Weinviertel region. In some of the streets there are only a few “Presshäuser” – houses containing wine presses, which modestly jut out from the landscape like the tips of icebergs. Other streets are almost as large as a whole village. In most cases, they have lost their significance as storage sites for field crops and production sites for wine. Yet often they still serve as meeting places where Grüner Veltliner (Green Veltliner) can be enjoyed. Kellergassen, being a regional particularity, are a typical feature for the Weinviertel (wine quarter) and neighbouring regions such as South Moravia in the Czech Republic. In some villages, guided tours are offered through the quiet Kellergassen (“cellar lanes”), helping tourists to understand the local culture better. Annual Kellergassen festivals liven up the cellar lanes in many places.

Project “Open cellar lanes tell a (hi)story”:

The South Moravian Region in the Czech Republic and the Weinviertel in Austria have a similar history and a similar cultural landscape in common. Winegrowing still plays an important role in both regions today. At the same time, the easily-tilled loess soil is highly suitable for the construction of root cellars. Consequently, numerous cellar lanes also lend character to the landscape and act as a sort of advertisement for the wine-growing areas of these regions.

For this reason, the cross-border project “Open cellar lanes tell a (hi)story” was brought into being, with the intention of showcasing the cellar lanes of South Moravia and the Weinviertel by means of four model cellar lanes in each region.

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